Are you an entrepreneur?  Do you want to promote and sell your products and services to SCSU Alums?  Do you want to help give back to SCSU?  Then you are at the right place.  The SCSU Alumni Directories are excellent opportunities to promote your business to potential thousands of alumns looking to do business with other fellow alumns or friends of SCSU.  Listed below are our directories with which you can leverage to promote your various products and services. The signup process is simple and the cost is very inexpensive compared to many of the online business directory listings that exist on the internet today.  You don't have to be an SCSU Alum to signup.  THIS IS AN EXCELLENT WAY TO HELP THE NATIONAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION RAISE FUNDS FOR SCHOLARSHIPS AND FOR YOU TO DO BUSINESS WITH FELLOW ALUMS.




Business Directory So you are a business owner looking to get more exposure and more clients.  Then list your business in our business directory. This directory is for all businesses that are not Real Estate, Automotive or Restaurant.


Real Estate Listings Are you looking for more ways to market your real estate property? Or are you a real estate professionals wanting to list and promote your properties for sale or lease?  Then list your property in our online Real Estate Listing Directory and reach a whole new clientele. There is no limitation on the number of properties you can list.
Automotive Marketplace If you are an automotive dealer or in sales and you want to reach a broader community, then this is a wonderful opportuity for you.  Advertise your cars, trucks, motorcycles, boats or any auto with us and reach a loyal community of clients. There is no limitation on the number vehicles you can list.
Restaurant Directory Own your own restaurant or do catering, then this is the directory for you.  
Bulldog Shopping Mall
Vendors! Are you looking to potentially reach more SCSU customers throughout the year versus waiting for yearly events?  Then sell your products and services in our Online Shopping Mall.